Capital Markets Advisory

Capital Markets Advisory

As seasoned bankers with significant experience of executing capital markets transactions, we are in a privileged position to advise corporates looking to access the market.  We can add considerable value to those seeking to raise finance either for the first time or for a specific strategic project.


Ziad Awad has executed more than half a trillion dollars of capital markets transactions. His reputation and credibility in the markets are an asset to any issuer.


Whether you are a new or infrequent borrower looking to access the Debt Capital Markets (DCM), or a company looking out to execute an IPO, at Awad Capital we will be on hand to ensure a smooth sailing (EXCUSE THE PUN :P), streamlined process, optimised for maximum cost efficiency. With more than two decades of experience, we will work as an integrated extension of your finance team, and ensure we create real economic value for our clients. 


An independent capital markets advisor works as an extension of the in-house finance team. Unlike banks, where a conflict of interest requires them to protect their capital and the interest of other investors, our advisors will ensure that the senior management and the board receive unbiased advice.


As IPO financial advisors, we act as an extension of your team and assist in the choice of underwriting banks, preparation of the equity story, valuation and overall help to ensure a streamlined preparation and execution process.

As debt advisors, we prepare the company for raising debt from the banks or the capital markets


Our scope of work includes:


 - Unbiased and unconflicted advice 

 - Advice on choice of underwriters

 - Analysis of Investor feedback

 - Assistance in dealing with lenders and presentation of the equity story

 - Help in dealing with rating agencies

 - Submissions to regulators such as SCA or LSE and support in the negotiation of

   issuance timeline, valuation and other key terms

 - Negotiations with lending syndicates

 - Assistance in the preparation of transaction documentation