Karim Smaira

Founder & CEO of Genpharm

'Ziad is a very knowledgeable professional. He has an in-depth understanding of the dynamic business environment in the MENA region. He is also very well rounded when it comes to the financial models and algorithms employed in company valuations and development. His arguments are well developed. He is a trusted business partner that adds value to the discussion.''

Ozgur Erkovan

Head of Funding and Investments at National Bank of Abu Dhabi

“Ziad is a highly motivated individual with an unwavering dedication to his work and his clients. He has experienced every step of the capital markets and excelled in everything he did from trading to syndicate to origination…

He embraces change and challenge as he demonstrated throughout his career...

With his amazing drive and can do attitude he always strives to serve his customers in the best possible way.

No wonder his clients utterly enjoy working with him and entrust him with their most strategic deals…”

Søren Elbech

Treasurer at Inter-American Development Bank

"Never afraid of speaking his mind, challenging the client - or calling the shots, I found myself - over and over again - surprised by Ziad's understanding of the markets, both for public and for private placements, but also his out-of-the-box support for a developing franchise. We built a USD Global yield-curve, topping it off with our legendary, 10-year, "Starbucks"-transaction, which Ziad practically priced down to the last basis point eight/nine months in advance of Pricing. Amazing. And a testament to his profound professionalism and insights.